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Why We Use Hanwha Q Cells for Our Solar Installations in Florida

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When installing solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, there’s no shortage of options to choose from. In addition to several stateside manufacturers, there are also hundreds more scattered around the globe.

And new ones keep cropping up every day.

So why are we so partial to Hanwha Q Cells when installing solar PV systems for homeowners and businesses throughout Florida?

Below are several reasons.

1. Pricing

Hanwha Q Cells are some of the most affordable solar panels in their class. But they generate the same high output that you normally expect from “premium” alternatives – all for a fraction of the cost.

This is very important for those customers who treat solar as an investment.

Thanks to their affordability and performance, Hanwha Q Cells deliver some of the highest possible returns (and shortest payback periods) in the industry.

2. Durability

Because PV panels have no moving parts, they are incredibly resilient. But Hanwha is headquartered in South Korea and Germany – 2 countries that are renowned for their superior engineering and attention to quality.

As such, Hanwha Q Cells are even more durable than normal, which is why they feature in some of the largest solar installations in the world.

3. Performance

Solar PV performance is inversely related to temperature. This means that all other things being equal, the hotter it is outside – the less solar electricity you receive.

It’s a bit counterintuitive. But it’s true.

And this is one area in which Hanwha Q Cells truly shine.

These panels have a lower-than-average temperature coefficient, meaning their output doesn’t dip as much in hotter regions of the country. And that’s a major plus when installing solar panels in warm, sunny Florida.

4. Bankability

Nearly all solar panels are warrantied against defects and breakages. However, not all manufacturers survive long enough to honor their warranty coverage. Companies go out of business all the time.

But Hanwha is a subsidiary of the Hanwha Group – a multibillion-dollar company that consistently makes the Fortune 500 list. So they have the resources, experience, and track record to ensure your panels are fully covered for many decades to come.

That’s protection you can count on.

Are Hanwha Q Cells the Right Solar Panel Technology for You?

As mentioned before, there is no shortage of solar panel options out there:

  • Some are more affordable.
  • Others are more efficient.

But when it comes to life-time value, there aren’t many solar panel technologies that can rival Hanwha’s balance of cost and performance.

And if you commission Capital Solar and Roofing to handle your installation, our expert technicians will configure your Hanwha solar panels to ensure they deliver the highest possible savings at the lowest possible price – guaranteed.

When installing solar panels for homeowners in Florida, we tend to gravitate towards Hanwha Q Cells – due to their durability, affordability, and performance. Learn more.

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