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The primary technology of choice for our professional PV installations

is the LG Chem line of high quality solar batteries

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In Florida, the vast majority of residential solar installations are connected to the utility grid. Doing so allows homeowners to:

  • Use the clean electricity generated from their solar photovoltaic (PV) systems during the day – when the sun is shining.
  • Buy the utility electricity they need from the grid at night – once the sun goes down and their PV panels stop working.

And if you’re also enrolled in Florida’s net energy metering program, you can actually monetize the excess solar electricity you feed into the utility network.

However, many homeowners prefer storing their daytime solar power in on-site batteries. This is most common among properties for which connecting to the electricity grid is prohibitively expensive.

For example:

  • Remote vacation homes
  • Solar-enabled RVs
  • Rustic cabins and retreats

But even when connecting to the utility network is an option, storing your solar power in batteries offers several important benefits.

Below are just some of the main advantages of on-site solar storage:

  • You can unplug from the utility grid completely.
  • You’ll never receive another electricity bill again.
  • You’re protected from grid failures and blackouts.

And if this type of energy independence appeals to you, our solar experts can configure the perfect battery solution when installing your PV panels.

The Solar Batteries We Use

There are many competing battery options on the market. And this gives you the freedom and flexibility to explore different on-site storage solutions.

But the primary technology of choice for our professional PV installations is the LG Chem line of high quality solar batteries.
And here’s why.


Battery Performance

The industry average for solar battery efficiency hovers around 90%. But LG Chem approaches 95% efficiency.

A 5% difference may not seem like much. But over the 25+ years of your panels’ warrantied lifetime, those benefits and savings quickly add up.


Warranty Protection

LG Chem comes with 10 years of warranty coverage. If your solar batteries break or lose more than 40% of their rated storage capacity during that timeframe, they automatically qualify for a free replacement.

Again, this is coverage length is longer than the industry average for solar batteries.

Better still, that warranty coverage has the full backing of multibillion-dollar electronics giant – LG Corporation. And this type of protection is reassuring given the frequency with which battery manufacturers go out of business. You want a company that will be around long enough to honor its warranty agreement 10 years down the road.


Aesthetic Designs

For most homeowners, performance, pricing, and reliability are the most important considerations – not aesthetics. But it helps that LG Chem’s sleek design meshes nicely with most residential interiors.

Because the batteries you choose will continue powering your home for a minimum of 10 years, it makes sense to choose a storage option that is unobtrusive.

Are LG Chem Solar Batteries Right for You?

At Capital Solar and Roofing, we’ve worked with a range of different battery solutions. And if you’re partial to one make or model over another, our installation team can make the necessary adjustments.

But if you’re looking for an affordable workhorse that will continue to perform for many years to come, LG Chem may be a perfect fit.

There are tons of competing options when it comes to solar power storage. But at Capital Solar and Roofing, we typically use LG Chem for our installations. Learn why.

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