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The Standby Generators we use in Florida
Why You Need a Standby Generator in Your Home

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At Capital Solar and Roofing, our core business revolves around installing solar panels – an energy generation technology that allows you to create your own free electricity on-site.

But not every Florida homeowner is ready to make the investment – not even those who require 24/7 reliable electricity to:

  • Keep medication and other supplies properly refrigerated.
  • Run home servers that need 100% guaranteed uptime.
  • Power essential functions like sump pumps or security systems.

This is why we also specialize in standby generators.

What Are Standby Generators?

Unlike their portable counterparts that must be manually turned on when needed, standby generators operate automatically to provide immediate emergency backup power. Even if you’re not at home, these generators turn on within seconds of the grid going down.

That’s pretty useful given the frequency of hurricanes and flooding in a state like Florida.

Additional benefits of standby generators include:

Low maintenance. You only need to service these generators every 2 to 3 years. And they last significantly longer than portable generators do.
Continuous operation. Because standby generators rely on propane or natural gas (connected to the main), there’s no need to refuel them. So even if a power outage last for weeks or months, you have continuous electricity.
Energy load. Standby generators are powerful enough to support all of your home’s appliances until the grid comes back online.

In addition, many homeowners are surprised at how quiet standby generators are – especially when compared to louder, portable alternatives.

What Standby Generators Do We Use in Florida?

Over the years, we’ve worked with many of the top brands on the market. But most of our installations feature generators manufactured by Kohler or Generac – 2 of the most trusted names in the business.

Both of these standby generators:

  • Deliver outstanding performance with industry-leading noise reduction.
  • Come with less than 5% harmonic distortion, meaning they work seamlessly with sensitive electronics.
  • Have nationwide dealer networks, which makes occasional servicing a repair much easier.
  • Are designed with corrosive-resistant housing. This is very important in salty, sunny, and humid Florida.

Kohler generators come with Powerboost Technology, allowing them to quickly start up energy-hungry appliances like air conditioners and washing machines with minimal delays. And Kohler slightly edges out Generac when it comes to warranty coverage (i.e. 5 years instead of 3).

Generac’s main advantage is its monitoring system. You can remotely track and control their generators through your PC, smart phone, or tablet.

Do You Need a Standby Generator for Your Home?

In hurricane-prone Florida, grid failures are increasingly becoming the norm. And this trend will only get worse as climate change continues to make our weather less predictable and more severe.

If you need reliable, uninterrupted access to electricity, our generator solutions can help.

We’ll carefully analyze your energy needs before recommending the most appropriate model for your home or business. This analysis will also include an energy audit to identify ways in which we can help reduce your power consumption and save you money.

In hurricane-prone Florida, grid failures are increasingly becoming the norm. But with our professional generator installation services, you’ll never be left in the dark.

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