Solar Warranty Protection You Can Count On

Nearly all professionally installed solar photovoltaic (PV) systems benefit from some type of warranty coverage, either from the manufacturer, the installer, or both.

However, PV technology doesn’t necessarily need warranty protection. With no moving parts, most solar components are resistant to wear and tear. And with minimal maintenance, you can keep your PV system running for decades.

But it’s still reassuring to have coverage for those “what if” moments.

If you’re going to investment in clean, renewable energy, it’s nice to know that you’re protected in the unlikely event that something breaks down many years down the road.

How Our Warranties Work at Capital Solar and Roofing

Every PV system we install benefits from multiple layers of warranty protection.

1. Solar Product Warranties

This type of coverage protects you against defects, breakages, and anything else that might negatively impact the physical components in your solar PV system:

  • Our solar panels come with 12 years of coverage from the manufacturer – plus an additional 13 years of extended warranty coverage from us.
  • Our solar power optimizers come with 25 years of warranty protection.
  • Our solar power inverters come with 20 years of coverage – plus an additional 5 years of extended protection through us.

And when you commission us to upgrade your existing roof, we also provide free solar panel removal and re-installation – if your roof ever needs to be repaired in the future.

2. Solar Workmanship Warranties

This type of coverage protects you from defects or performance issues related to the installation process. Because we stand 100% behind our workmanship, we can confidently offer 25 years of warranty coverage for all of the PV systems we install.

In addition, we also offer 15 years of roof penetration coverage as well.

3. Solar Performance Guarantees

Every solar installation comes with a baseline of energy output. But that output will slowly diminish over time as your PV panels age.

This is true of all solar panels – regardless of their make, model, or price.

But with our performance guarantee, your solar installation’s output will never dip below a certain threshold during your coverage period.

More specifically:

  • Our solar panels come with 25 years of guaranteed output – following the manufacturer’s degradation scale.
  • We also carry our own solar production guarantee that covers you for 5 years of consistent energy output – based off of the stated annual production.

Solar Power Peace of Mind

Installing PV panels is a big investment for many homeowners. That’s why we offer ironclad protection that covers you for:

  • Solar components
  • Installation labor
  • System performance

With this peace of mind, you can begin generating clean electricity, shrinking your carbon footprint, and saving money – all without having to worry.

And if any “what if” moments do occur during your coverage period, we’ll immediately correct the problem at no additional cost to you. If the issue is component-related, this process may sometimes involve the manufacturer. But we’ll help coordinate the necessary replacement parts on your behalf.

Going solar shouldn’t involve any risk. And with our comprehensive warranty coverage, it doesn’t.

Going solar shouldn’t involve any risk. And with our comprehensive warranty coverage, it doesn’t. Your solar savings are guaranteed – for many years to come.

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