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At Capital Solar and Roofing, the photovoltaic (PV) panels we install come with a minimum of 25 years of warranty protection.

That’s an incredibly long time.

But panel manufacturers can confidently back these multi-decade warranties for one simple reason. Solar PV panels have 0 moving parts. And this makes them immune to the normal wear and tear that most other energy generation technologies experience:

  • Fossil fuel power stations must undergo constant maintenance.
  • Wind turbines typically come with 2 to 10 years of warranty coverage.
  • Diesel generators are usually backed with 3 to 8 years of protection.

Solar panels are a different story. Once installed on your roof, they’re mostly “set it and forget it.”

But it’s still important that you regularly monitor the output of your solar PV installation. Even if your system is made from high quality components (installed by expert technicians), it’s possible to experience unexpected dips in solar performance.

Below are just some of the reasons why:

  • Solar PV panels are durable (as evidenced by their long warranties). But other components in the installation can sometimes wear down – like inverters or electrical panels.
  • Dirt and dust can negatively impact your system’s performance by blocking out usable sunshine. Fortunately, this is easy to correct with simple cleaning and maintenance.
  • Modern solar panels are designed to withstand hail and other falling debris. But something as heavy as a tree branch could crack the tempered glass, resulting in performance dips.

This is why we offer solar monitoring as part of our core PV installation services.

How Solar Monitoring Works

There are many monitoring solutions to choose from. But below are some of the benefits we’ve consistently discovered when using SolarEdge’s technology:

  • SolarEdge allows you to check your installation’s performance at the panel level – instead of simply measuring the total system output.
  • You can track your PV system’s performance in real-time – complete with how much electricity you’re consuming vs. how much you’re sending into the grid (if enrolled in Florida’s net energy metering program).
  • SolarEdge lets you customize notifications, allowing you to receive instant alerts using whatever criteria you want.

And arguably most important, SolarEdge’s real-time monitoring dashboard is accessible via computer, tablet, or smart phone. There are even downloadable apps, both for Android and iOS.

This convenience allows you to monitor your solar PV system’s performance – anytime and anywhere.

Is Solar Monitoring Right for You?

As Florida’s premier solar installer, our goal is to help you get the most out of your clean energy investment. And solar monitoring allows you to keep close tabs on how your system is performing over the 25 + years of your panels’ warrantied lifetime.

If anything breaks, SolarEdge’s monitoring dashboard will alert you immediately. And thereafter, we can take corrective action to fix the issue so that your solar savings continued uninterrupted.

Solar monitoring allows you to carefully track your PV system’s performance from day to day (and hour to hour). Learn which monitoring platform we choose – and why.

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