Solar Energy Overview

Solar is a durable, affordable, and powerful technology that turns free sunshine into clean electricity. It does this by leveraging the photoelectric effect – an unusual physical property first explained by Albert Einstein in 1905. In fact, he received the Nobel Prize for his groundbreaking work.

But harnessing this sunshine wasn’t technologically feasible until nearly half a century later – when Bell Labs developed the first commercially viable solar photovoltaic (PV) cells in 1953. However, those early prototypes weren’t very powerful. And worse still, they were incredibly expensive at the time.

Fortunately, solar PV cells have improved dramatically over the years – becoming both cheaper and more efficient. And now the technology is within easy financial reach of the average homeowner in Florida – even those living on a modest budget.

In addition, there are several other variables that have helped make solar even more affordable.


Solar Incentives

Homeowners who go solar qualify for any number of incentives to help drive down the cost of installing PV panels. 2 of the most popular are Florida’s net energy metering program and the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit.


Solar Financing

At Capital Solar and Roofing, we offer a selection of financing options to help you go solar affordably. Cash is the most direct approach. But we can also help you qualify for low-interest solar loans or PACE financing.


Solar Grid Parity

Grid electricity prices continue trending upwards. And this makes the “relative” cost of going solar much cheaper. In fact, many states have already reached solar grid parity – the point at which you’re financially better off installing solar panels than remaining exclusively with your utility provider. And as luck would have it, Florida just happens to be one of those states.


Environmental Savings

There’s one more variable worth mentioning – i.e. the environment. Each kilowatt-hour of grid electricity generated by your utility provide requires huge investments of oil, gas, or coal – all of which release harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Fossil fuel consumption not only affects our health, but it also negatively impacts the climate. And this inevitably makes:

  • Weather less predictable
  • Natural disasters more frequent

But installing solar panels allows you to be part of the solution. Rather than contribute to this greenhouse gas buildup, your solar PV system converts free sunshine into clean and renewable electricity.

This instantly reduces your carbon footprint. And thanks to Florida’s net energy metering program, you can share your green electrons with the community – while being handsomely compensated for your environmental contributions.

Solar Is a Win-Win in Florida

Solar PV is a proven technology that delivers measurable savings – both financially and ecologically. And in a state that receives as much sunshine as we do, these benefits are greatly amplified – especially if you choose Capital Solar and Roofing to perform the installation.

Because the sun shines everywhere, going solar is a great idea regardless of where you live. But in the Sunshine State, installing solar panels is truly a no-brainer.

If you’re ready to lead a cleaner, healthier, and wealthier life powered by sunshine – we’re here to help.

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